M7 Naas- Newbridge By-Pass Upgrade – Traffic Advisory - 22nd August 2019

This coming Sunday 25th Aug, the M7 westbound carriageway between Junction 11 (M9 split) and Junction 12 (Newbridge) will be closed from 21.30 hrs through to 06.30hrs on Monday 26th Aug.
Traffic will be diverted from the M7 at Junction 11 along the M9 southbound to Junction 2 (Kilcullen) and directed along the R448 towards Kilcullen to turn left onto the R413 past the Curragh back up to rejoin the M7 at Junction 12.
This closure and diversion is necessary to carry out essential surfacing works as part of the M7 Upgrade.
Motorists may experience some delays due to this closure and diversion and should make allowances when planning their journey.
The Gardai will be in attendance during the closure to assist in maintaining traffic flows at certain locations.

M7 Naas- Newbridge By-Pass Upgrade – Traffic Advisory - 1st August 2019

Opening of Three Lanes Eastbound from Junction 11(M9 Merge) to Junction 10 (Naas South).
Subject to favourable weather conditions and completion of all necessary activities, 3 lanes will be available to traffic on the M7 Eastbound carriageway from Junction 11 (M9 merge) through to Junction 10 (Naas South) from 6.00am Friday 2nd August.

Motorists are advised that lane restrictions remain in place at the M7/M9 merge points and that an enforced reduced temporary speed limit will remain in place from Junction 11(M7/M9 Merge/Diverge) to Junction 8 (Johnstown) while works are ongoing to the verge/hard shoulder area.

Traffic Notification Updates - 25th July 2019

For motorists who would be travelling to Croke Park this coming weekend, please be advised of the ongoing M7 Roadworks between J11 (M9) and Junction 8 (Johnstown) and possible delays.

Motorists from Kilkenny travelling north on the M9 take note that the carriageway is reduced to a single lane on approach to the M7.
Motorists travelling from Limerick and Tipperary may also experience some delays on M7 northbound as M9 traffic merges at Junction 11.
2 lanes are available between J11 -10 northbound opening to 3 lanes after J10 (Naas South).
When leaving Dublin please be aware of recent changes in the road layout between Junctions 8-11.  These include 3 lanes now available, a new exit at J10 and a new arrangement at the M9 split with the left lane leading straight onto M9 southbound.
Motorists continuing along M7 should keep to Lanes 2 & 3 when approaching M9 split.
Expect some delays between Junction 9 – 10 on approach to this new arrangement.

Traffic Notification Updates - 24th July 2019
Subject to favourable weather conditions and completion of all necessary activities, 3 lanes will be available to traffic on the M7 westbound carriageway from Junction 10 (Naas South) through to Junction 11 (M9 Split) from 6am Thursday 25th July.

Motorists are advised that an enforced reduced temporary speed limit will remain in place while works are ongoing in certain locations to the verge/hard shoulder area.

Temporary off peak slip closure and diversion for Monday 17th June.

From 11pm on the N7/M7 westbound carriageway the Junction 9 (Naas North) off slip will be temporarily closed with traffic diverted westbound to exit at M7 Junction 10 (Naas South) and rejoin the M7 eastbound and exit at Junction 9 eastbound.Traffic will be advised to use Junction 8 off slip for Naas on approach. The slip lane will be reopened before 5am on Tuesday 18th June. This closure is necessary in order to facilitate essential works on the M7 Upgrade project.


Traffic Notification - R445 Dual Carriageway

The R445 Dual Carriageway will be closed in both directions between the Bundle of Sticks Roundabout and the Ladytown crossing between 22.00 – 05.00hrs on the nights of Tuesday 07th May and Wednesday 08th May
Fully signed diversion routes will be in place during these closures.
The closures are necessary to carry out drainage works across the full width of the carriageway as part of the development of the M7 Newhall Interchange.

Traffic Notification - M7 / M9

Please note that from 21.00hrs next Tuesday (7th May 2019) night, the left hand merge lane of the M9 northbound carriageway with the M7 eastbound carriageway at Junction 11 will be closed as part of the ongoing traffic management arrangements for the M7 Upgrade project.
M9 northbound traffic will be reduced to a single lane approx 1km before reaching the M7 and then M9 traffic will merge with the M7 from the existing M9 right hand lane.
This arrangement will facilitate the ongoing construction of the new lane in the centre of the M7 carriageway. Once traffic has been moved onto the new surface works will continue to the adjacent verge/hard shoulder areas which will include for the tie in of new M9 merge arrangement.
A minimum of two lanes will be maintained on the M7 carriageway during peak hours of 06.00hrs to 22.00hrs at all times.  The Emergency Lane will be retained on both carriageways within the works areas as far as practicable.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your co-operation

Traffic Update for : M7 Naas Newbridge Bypass Upgrade M7 Osberstown Interchange & R407 Sallins Bypass.

M7 Mainline between Junction 8 and Junction 11.
From 06.00 hrs Thursday 6th December 2018, M7 westbound traffic will commence movement onto the new carriageway surface adjacent to the new central median. The 1st stage will involve splitting the two traffic lanes on the westbound carriageway approx.. 2.5km after Junction 9 for 2.5km and rejoining well in advance of Junction 10.  This will facilitate the completion of the new middle lane in this section. With both lanes to be fully moved over shortly following completion of the new middle lane.  Once traffic has been moved across, works will continue to the adjacent verge/hard shoulder areas which will include for the tie in of new interchange slip lanes.

The Emergency Lane will be retained on both carriageways within the works areas as far as practicable. 

Specific dates for future movements will be notified in advance as each section progresses.

Rathasker (Newhall Interchange):
From Wednesday 05th December 2018, traffic using the Rathasker Road between the M7 westbound on slip and the Bundle of Sticks roundabout will be moved onto the new Rathasker Link Road in a temporary arrangement. This is to create the working space required to construct the new embankment to the R445 as part of the Newhall Interchange redevelopment. A section of the road will continue to operate under a single lane shuttle scheme in order to fully complete the Link Road tie in.  Also works will continue to the new roundabout at the Rathasker end of the Link Road with side road traffic facilitated through a temporary junction.”

Eastbound carriageway Junction 10 to Canal overbridge

* Speed restricted to 60kph thru the Work Site, which continues to be monitored by An Garda   Siochana.
* 2 lanes of traffic will be maintained in both directions during daytime hours.
* Traffic lane widths will be maintained restricted to 3m and 3.25m in width.
* There is no lay-bys or areas within the Work zones for stopping.

R445 Newbridge Road
In order to complete the new junction 10, currently under construction adjacent to the R445 Newbridge Rd, the works require the duel carriageway to be reduced to single lane for the foreseeable future.
These works are schedule to be commence November 12th

Sallins : TRAFFIC ADVISORY - November 2018.
Please be advised, there will be increased truck movement/activity thru the village of Sallins over the coming months. This is due to the significant volume of Earthwork material required to be imported to complete the new works for the proposed Sallins Bypass. We wish to apologies for any inconvenience caused by this increased volume of traffic and advise that we are constantly monitoring with a view to mitigate against the impact of these works on the local community and ensure our works are carried out with Safety as our priority.