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M7 Motorway

Phase 2 Operations to Commence July 28th.

Please be advised the current Traffic Management scheme on the M7, between Junction 8 & 10 will be extended to Junction 11 (M9) to accommodate the on-going widening Works.

As part of the Motorway Widening Scheme, the SIAC Colas JV will be commencing the 2nd phase of the M7 mainline Widening in the coming weeks. On the weekend – July 28th/29th the Contractor will commence extending the current Traffic Management scheme to allow widening Works to commence between Junction 10 & 11. With Designs now in place, works in this section will commence immediately with Site clearance, followed by drainage, communication ducting etc… While starting this Phase is essential in ensuring the Mainline Works are completed by Spring 2019, at this time we wish to apologise for any inconvenience resulting from these Works and to thank you in advance for your continuing cooperation.

Junction 8 to Junction 11 – Speed Limit of 60KPH.
M7 Mainline - Traffic Advisory.
Please be advised the next phase of the M7 Widening Project will commence July 28th, which will consist of extending the current Traffic Management arrangements to Junction 11 (M9). Commencing weekend July 28th/29th, under night time operations, speed restrictions will come into effect with realignment of the carriageway and reduced lane widths. Following this over the course of the following nights, temporary traffic Barrier will be placed under lane closure operations.

Typical Section thru the Traffic Management Scheme – Junction 8 to Junction 11.
  • Speed restricted to 60kph thru the Work Site, which will be monitored by An Garda Siochana.
  • 2 lanes of traffic will be maintained in both directions during daytime hours.
  • Traffic will be moved onto the existing Hard shoulder and the current Lane 1. Please see typical cross section diagram above. 
  • Traffic lane widths will be restricted to 3m and 3.25m in width.
  • There will be no lay-bys or areas within the Work zones for stopping
Sallins: TRAFFIC ADVISORY - July 2018
Please be advised, the high volume of truck movements thru the village of Sallins will continue over the coming months. This is to maintain supply of the significant volume of Earthwork material required to be imported to complete the new works for the proposed Sallins Bypass. We wish to apologies for any inconvenience caused by this increased volume of traffic and advise that we are constantly monitoring with a view to mitigate against the impact of these works on the local community and ensure our works are carried out with Safety as our priority

* * * Please be advised 60kph speed limit is legally enforced * * *
*** To date over  237  traffic related Prosecutions ***

An Garda Siochana have sent out a serious warning to motorist about the 60km per hour speed limit during the M7 roadwWidening works. See their  facebook  post by clicking here.
An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic)

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